What It Is

Do Deals With Us In The Inner Circle

“I’ve been really blessed to have acquired 7 joint venture properties so far.”
-Fren D., Inner Circle Member - 2 Years

What is Inner Circle?

The Inner Circle is an exclusive membership allowing you to partner with seasoned real estate investors in real estate deals. Many members have invested with us in 50-50 partnerships and other alternative vehicles for over 7 years. When you become a member of Inner Circle, you can access Hard Money Loans, Opportunity Zone Funds (which could allow tax payment deferrals), and other alternative investment vehicles.

“I can do this and do it on my own, work hard and grind, and it put more stress on the family is what it did. When this came along, we just got to the point of this month we’re closing on selling our apartments. [We’re] thinking about selling one of our houses [too], because we can make the same amount of money doing this than we can out there working hard, busting our butts and not having time to do anything else.”

-George G., Inner Circle Member - 5 Years

It’s Much More Than Investing

When You Join, You Gain Access to:

Twice Annual Inner Circle Retreats

These exciting experiences are designed to help bridge your knowledge gap when it comes to investor’s education. When we get together, we focus on the most up-to-date (and critical) wealth-building and retirement-building strategies successful investors use today. On top of that, we source some of the most advanced guest speakers to share parallel topics such as being your own bank, navigating tax concerns, solo 401(k)s, IRAs, legal entity set-up, health (to enjoy your wealth longer), and so much more.

Wealth & Real Estate Coaching

Our interaction remains consistent in-between retreats. As an Inner Circle member, you’ll shave years off your learning curve when you unlock access to your own personal success coaching, which includes monthly mentorship sessions facilitated by an Inner Circle Master Coach, monthly Founder calls, monthly property report calls, and 1-on-1 calls as needed with anyone on the team. Whether you’re new to real estate or a seasoned veteran, you’ll be able to ask any questions and get actionable solutions that you can implement immediately.

Extraordinarily Unique Experiences

It’s not all business at our retreats. Have you ever gone spelunking? Want to fly in a helicopter? Have you ever eaten a meal with friends in pitch-black darkness? Each retreat offers unique location-based excursions that you may have never even considered.

Instant Deal Partnership Opportunities

Only members of our Inner Circle get the exclusive ability to partner directly with us on deals. As an added benefit, if your funds are liquid, you can instantly get into a deal by choosing from properties we’ve already purchased.

Personal Inner Circle Coordinator

When you join Inner Circle, you are assigned your personal coordinator. They are readily available to you every step of the way. New opportunities, updates on current investments, your personal Inner Circle Coordinator is there to make sure your experience receives the personal touch you deserve when you join Inner Circle.

Done-for-You, End-to-End Deal Flow

We work tirelessly to bring in deals from multiple markets across America. Partnering on these deals, you’re benefiting from our seasoned acquisition team, dedicated loan team, professional property management team, and more. Our entire team is working to ensure you have the best experience.

An Incredible Wealth Network

Did we mention that every Inner Circle member is part of your Tribe? Think about that for a moment. We have an eclectic blend of investors from all over the world with a unique specialty. All it takes is one spark to light a fire of unimaginable possibility.

“[Inner Circle] stuck out because of the partnership. Every other one I read said it would do everything with you, you can go through the information, then you can buy the property and hopefully the information was good. If not, oops, sorry. [Inner Circle] are at least putting their money where their mouth is. If they say it’s good, they’re backing it by giving you half the money.”

-James C., Inner Circle Member - 2 Years