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“I’ve been really blessed to have acquired 7 joint venture properties so far.”
-Fren D., Inner Circle Member - 2 Years

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What is Inner Circle?

Real estate investing is a powerful and historically reliable way to earn cashflow, build equity, and hedge against inflation. But finding, analyzing, and acquiring deals is time consuming. Rehabbing and managing properties takes massive capital, labor, and experience. Everyday American investors deserve the benefits of real estate, but it can be daunting. The risk, effort, and learning curve prevent hard-working Americans from reaping the reward of real estate. That’s where Inner Circle comes in: Inner Circle is real estate investing that’s Done-For-You. Even better, Inner Circle includes support from an exclusive Tribe of like-minded investors (and may other perks too - keep reading this page for more).

“I can do this and do it on my own, work hard and grind, and it put more stress on the family is what it did. When this came along, we just got to the point of this month we’re closing on selling our apartments. [We’re] thinking about selling one of our houses [too], because we can make the same amount of money doing this than we can out there working hard, busting our butts and not having time to do anything else.”

-George G., Inner Circle Member - 5 Years

How it Works

The first step on your journey is to complete the Inner Circle application. You’ll then schedule a call with an Inner Circle Consultant to see if you’re a fit and to answer all your questions. If accepted, you’ll be paired with an Inner Circle Coordinator that will welcome you to the Tribe, prepare you for what’s ahead, and review your criteria for the types of investments you find ideal. Your Inner Circle Coordinator will present you with opportunities that fit your criteria as they come in (you’ll be impressed with the variety of investment vehicles). We’ll joint venture with you 50/50 so you don’t take all the risk yourself. You’ll be updated every step of the deal by your Inner Circle Coordinator so you always have peace of mind during the process. Many of our Tribe members get into their initial deal within the first 30 days. You’ll join your fellow Inner Circle Tribe at luxury retreats and training events so you’re always on the cutting-edge and surrounded by support. Repeat the process, grow your portfolio, earn passive income, leave a legacy. The first step is to apply. Start the journey now.

“As an investment guy. I always do my own due diligence. Sometimes it can be very long. The most important part is actually talking to the management, talking to the founder, talking to who operates the business to see if there's chemistry if you can seriously trust that guy to do the things.”

-Allan P., Inner Circle Member - 7 Years

Multiple Ways to Invest

Real Estate Joint Venture Partnerships

Hard Money Loans

Potential Investments in Future Business Opportunities

Property Acquisition Finders Fees

Membership Referral Bonuses

And More…

Inner Circle Investment vs. Traditional Investment

Meet the Founders

Dutch Mendenhall

Dutch Mendenhall

Dutch Mendenhall is a husband, father, and man of faith. He's a force of nature marked by extraordinary achievements. He is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of "Money Shackles." President of the Alternative Investment Associations (AIA). Recipient of the Patriot Legacy Award. Dutch has partnered with thousands and thousands of people who have achieved direct results in their money game.

Dutch loves teaching and helping people learn about Alternative Investments. His journey began with creative Commercial Real Estate Investing and later moved into auctions. Then, one day, his students dared him to "put his money where his mouth is," so he partnered with them and started a national movement, growing a $250 million portfolio of various assets with his team..

Dutch Signature
Amy Vaughn

Amy Vaughn

Amy Vaughn, Co-Founder of RADD Companies, building a $250 Million portfolio, Vice President of the Alternative Investment Association, and a trailblazer in the real estate sector. With 25+ years in sales, she has been instrumental in expanding her companies' footprint, notably introducing it to the Philadelphia market and steadily growing her portfolio in Florida. Renowned for her dedication to mentoring investors, Amy is celebrated for her unwavering commitment to their interests.

Beyond her professional success, Amy is a devoted mother, a person of faith, and an active philanthropist, deeply involved with Joshua House, a refuge for vulnerable children. Her guiding philosophy is to empower individuals to find their purpose, leading to a fulfilling life and meaningful contributions to the community.

Amy Signature

“It’s just how real he was. He didn’t sugarcoat things, he didn’t tell us it was something else than what it was. In 2016 she didn’t have much of anything and now she’s grown to where it’s almost 7-figures by investing with [Inner Circle].”

-Jeff & Robin T., Inner Circle Members - 7 Years