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“I’ve been really blessed to have acquired 7 joint venture properties so far.”
-Fren D., Inner Circle Member - 2 Years

How it Works

The first step is to apply for consideration. We want you to be sure we’re the right fit for you, and we want to ensure that you’re the right fit for us. This is a two-way relationship. Whether you simply make investments and watch your money grow or take a more active role in the community. Some members believe in Inner Circle so much they join our team. This is just one more way you can make money with us. It’s your choice: hands-on or hands-off.

“As an investment guy. I always do my own due diligence. Sometimes it can be very long. The most important part is actually talking to the management, talking to the founder, talking to who operates the business to see if there's chemistry if you can seriously trust that guy to do the things.”

-Allan P., Inner Circle Member - 7 Years

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